As a software enthusiast and had been trained for software field I like to create and hack softwares that helps others and me to do things on computers. I have done following projects:

Neural Network API – Link

APIs for applications those require AI functions for their working. This project is not yet complete and currently have no active development going on.

Naaraayam – Link

General purpose JavaScripts. Currently include script to add transliteration/input method capability to text fields on web pages. Any language transliteration can be made by defining transliteration rules for that language using any language keyboard.

Using this transliteration tool I developed and implemented transliteration for following projects:

Narayam (Mediawiki Extension)Link

Narayam is a Mediawiki extension version of above transliteration/keyboard layout emulation tool. So integration of input method to your wiki is easy. Just install and configure according to your settings.

Currently these input methods are fully supported:

  • Malayalam Transliteration
  • Malayalam InScript
  • Sanskrit Transliteration
  • Tamil99
  • Tamil Transliteration
  • Bengali Avro
  • Bengali InScript
  • Bengali National Keyboard
  • Sinhala Singlish
  • Sinhala Wijesekara
  • Oriya transliteration
  • Oriya InScript
  • Kannada transliteration
  • Kannada InScript
  • Esperanto x-code transcription

More schemes are being prepared.

Wiki2Local – Link

Wiki2Local is software program written in Java programming language. Purpose of this program is to extract list of pages from a site that use Mediawiki wiki software. Program is written mainly targeting Wikimedia Foundation’s projects sites like Wikipedia, Wikisource, etc. Program will extract pages and images on those pages from wiki sites and will store on a local directory with images.


Malayalam Unicode FontsLink

Creating and maintaining Malayalam Unicode fonts.


Paithal is a web Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP programming language. It is built on top of Zend framework. This is still under development.


A simple plug-in for Vanilla forum software, helps to add meta description and keywords.

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